Thursday, May 4, 2017

Catch the Fascinating Vacation using Mt Bromo Sunrise Tour

Hiking Mount Bromo is the one of best experience ever for locals, domestic visitors, and
foreigners. In order to get the fascinating vacation and get the extremely amazing view of Mount
Bromo’s sunrise, you can take Mt Bromo sunrise tour. If you want to know more about this
tour, read carefully on this article.

Where is it?
Bromo Volcano is located between Probolinggo, Malang, Pasuruan, and also Lumajang City.
Most domestics visitors and foreign tourists visit this mount from Surabaya, Malang, Bali Island,
and Banyuwangi. A few of them come from Yogyakarta. The nearest way to reach the mount is
from Surabaya and Malang City. You can starting from Surabaya Airport, or train station.

Things to Do
Mount Bromo Jeep 4 WD is probably the most suggested transportation since the sunrise
photography from the highest peak or view point only able from the Jeep. Then, you can find it
in rental jeep center around Cemoro Lawang.

You have to get up at 02.30 AM then start visiting at 03.00 AM coming from the nearby hotel.
Just in case if you stay at a farther hotel, you ought to start at 02.00 AM by Private Jeep rental.
For photographer visitors who like to take photographs for Mount Bromo sunrise very
recommended to started from nearby hotel at 00.00 – 01.00 AM by Private jeep 4 WD.

Places to Stay
You will find various basic hotels and gust houses located around Mount Bromo, because it is
popular for tourists. You may try to remain nearby, so you can conduct the morning hike as
much as catch the sunrise easily. Many hotels or guesthouses are situated in the crater rim.
If you like even more of a hotel, a preferred one here is Jiwa Jiawa Bromo, Bromo Permai Hotel,
Lava View Lodge, Cemara Indah Hotel, Yoschi Hotel, and Café Lava Hotel. You may choose
the one of them that makes you comfortable and easy to reach the Mount Bromo.

Where to Reach Nearby
To reach the nearby easily, you can use Mt Bromo Ijen tour package. First, you can reach Ijen
crater that needs 6 hours drive away. Magnificent turquoise sulphur lake which exudes flames,
blue fire throughout the night and smoky white inside the day. Second, you can go to Malang
and Batu City.

That’s all the information about Mt Bromo sunrise tour that you should know. Choosing Mt
Bromo Ijen tour package is the best option to enjoy the wonderful view from various peak and
sides. So, if you want to hike Mount Bromo, don’t forget to take this tour package in order to
make your journey even more comfortable.